Entry #1

Newgrounds introduction

2017-06-30 19:42:01 by KojiKosmo

Hey everybody I'm KojiKosmo, I'm this guy that tries to make games.

I have been on Newgrounds since the earlly 2000's under various other usernames (you ain't missing out tho) so I know the history of the site, to this day I think the portal system is one of the best the internet has for exposure plus I remember the comunity being pretty cool.

So I want to bring my content to this site and have some games planed for the portal, what I'm looking for in the site is to grow as an artist and on the comunity, grind hard af, seek for oportunities that will help my broke ass, get to know people and do my best to make this site kick even more ass.

I will leave some links bellow in case you want to check me out, see ya around folks.

https://kojikosmo.tumblr.com : More detailed Game development posts. I am currently posting my dev progress of my current project from the begining but I'm still far behind, lot's of posts are currently being scheduled.

https://twitter.com/KojiKosmo : Art and gamedev learning content retweets, check media for my stuff.


6361646_149886675333_NGscreenshot3.png  6361646_149886665642_NGscreenshot1.png6361646_149886670023_NGscreenshot2.png




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